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Frame Repair Pricing Guide

Replace the;

Fork steerer column from £85

Head tube & lugs from £100

Top tube and cable guides from £100

Down tube incl. lever bosses & bottle bosses from £100

Seat tube from £100

Seat clamp boss £25

Single seat stay from £70 / £100 pr.

Single chain stay from £70 / £100 pr.

Bottom bracket from £100

New gear hanger brazed on drop out £30

Single rear dropout £70

Both rear dropouts £100

Main Frame Repairs

Replace the;

Down tube STI / Gear Lever bosses £25 

Bottle bosses £20 pr.

Cantilever bosses front or rear £30 pr.

Front mech bracket £30

Rack mount bosses £20 pr.

Mudguard bosses £20

Rear brake bridge from £ 30

Waisted chain stay bridge £ 30

Rear disc mount and support £60

Fork disc mount £50

Bosses and Bridges

Cosmetic Repairs and Stuck Components:


Remove brazed-on fittings & polish £5 per fitting

Fill dent in tubes, sand and polish from £20 per dent

Heat and remove seized seat post £30

Burn out seized handle bar stem £20

Burn out seized bottom bracket £20

Cold set rear triangle spacing £20

Please Note : All fittings will be brass brazed and tubes used for

repair will be Columbus Cromor unless otherwise specified at time of booking.

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