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A bespoke bicycle is like well-tailored suit - it is should allow maximum comfort and freedom of movement while it exhudes both quality and style. Purchasing a bespoke frame can be a big step and there are plenty of things to consider, such as tube widths, whether the frame is lugged or not, the style of dropouts, the polished steel or paintwork finish and which components or accessories will eventually be fitted to the frame. Our design will also take into account your physical geometery and personal riding style, to ensure that your bespoke bike works in perfect harmony with you. There are several steps involved in the build process. The first is a series of conversations about what you want from a bike, how you want it to feel and in particular, which components or extras will be fitted to the completed frame. Once the spec has been agreed, we will prepare you a detailed quote and you will need to pay a 40% deposit to secure your place in the build queue. The next stage involves taking your measurements and assisting you in selecting and sourcing components for your bike. We prefer to use our trusted suppliers but if you wish to source your own components we will need them all before the build starts, to ensure that everything is properly fitted with correct clearances. We will then draw up a design for your bike and commence the build, keeping you updated on our progress. Last but by no means least, your bespoke frame can be finished in either polished steel or professionally powder coated in a wide range of matte or gloss paint colours. We will present you with a range of finishing options during the build period.

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