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The cost of a bespoke build varies, since each frame is made to a unique specification. The prices below are therefore intended as as rough guide only, and we will need to discuss your exact requirements before preparing a detailed job estimate. Components are priced seperately, as these must be paid for in advance of the build. We can usually secure these for you at competitive rates using our trade accounts with suppliers.



The base price for frames includes standard bottle bosses, mudguard bosses, rack bosses and cable stops.


Columbus Cromor fillet brazed, un-filed - £750

Columbus Cromor fillet brazed, filed - £1000

Columbus Life - £1300

Columbus Spirit / Reynolds 853 - £1500

Mixed Tube sets - £POA

Stainless / Lugged - £POA




The base price for forks includes mudguard and rack eyelets if requested.


Standard steel road/touring fork - £200

Stainless - £POA




The current waiting time for a bespoke frame is around 6 weeks. If you wish to source your own components, these must be with us before the build commences (a minimum of 2 weeks before job completion date) to ensure that they will fit with correct clearances.




Every bespoke build starts with a conversation, so when you are ready get in touch. Either call or email me to start things moving, or arrange a visit to our South London workshop and meet me for a face-to-face chat.

Alice White Paint

Alice's hand painting is unique, every job is individual and bespoke. No two frames she paints will be the same due to the nature in which she works. The perfect finish to a bespoke one off bicycle! We do also paint existing frames though, so don't worry!

We will strip the old paint off your frame and put a fresh base colour down for Alice to work her magic on.

Once she is finished we will lacquer and polish the frame for a smooth and shiny finish.

If you are interested in a special paint job by Rakshasa X Alice White then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Paint jobs are priced individually, at an hourly rate of £35per hour. Length of the job is totally dependant on how complex the design is, and how many colours are involved. As an example, the 26DJ frame took around 68 hours including frame prep and lacquering.

If you want to see more of Alice click here:



Whether you are completing your Rakshasa, getting custom paint or fitting components to another make of frame, we charge a standard flat rate for assembly.


Fitting / Complete stripping of components from frame - £120

Wheel build (single, excluding components) - £45


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