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If you are not yet ready to take the plunge with a bespoke frame, or just can't bear to be parted from your current one, then the next best thing is to have us build you a complete custom bike around a frame that you provide, fitting components to your exact specification. At Rakshasa Customs we can advise on what will work best for you and source components on your behalf, before building a bike that will sweep you off your feet. Whether your perfect two-wheeled partner is a fixie, e-bike, dirt jumper, gravel racer or touring bike, we can build it for you. Contact us for more details.




If your old or vintage steel framed bicycle is in need of some TLC we can often, though not always repair damaged frames, giving them a new lease of life by replacing bent dropouts, missing bosses and so on. Arrange a visit to our workshop in person, or email us with photos of your damaged frame (or fork) and we will advise you on whether we are able to help.


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