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Rakshasa Customs is a bespoke bicycle company based in London, England, led by frame builder Cameron Jarvis. We passionately believe that a bicycle isn't solely a practical, economical and environmentally friendly mode of transport, but it can also be a beautiful work of art and a vehicle for pure, unadulterated pleasure.  Rakshasa bespoke bicycles are made to measure, so each steel frame produced in our workshop is as unique as its rider. What Romance bikes all have in common is that they are hand crafted from cold drawn steel tube, which is brazed and finely polished to give smooth, seamless joins and resulting in a finished frame that is strong, durable and aesthetically beautiful. Every aspect of the bike can be tailored to your exact specification, from the shape of lugs or placement of bosses to the polished steel or painted finish. We will take time to understand precisely how you want your bike to look and feel, then collaborate with you to turn your cycling fantasy into reality. If you are not yet ready to take the plunge with a bespoke frame, or just can't bear to be parted from your current one, we offer a custom bicycle assembly service, fitting components to a frame that you supply. If your old or vintage steel frame is in need of a little TLC we can often repair damaged frames by replacing bent dropouts, missing bossed and so forth. Details of our bespoke builds, assembly and repairs services can be found on the builds page.



Cameron Jarvis originally trained as a jewellery maker, but before long his favourite hobby led him to take up work as a bicycle mechanic and after more than a decade in the trade he was still just as passionate about bikes. Inspired by his daily encounters with some of the best and worst examples of bicycle manufacturing and setting his sights on a new challenge, Cameron studied fillet brazing at the Bicycle Academy. He spent the next two years servicing bikes by day and welding by night, in order to perfect his craft, before officially launching Rakshasa Customs in 2016. A keen leisure cyclist both on and off road, and a daily commuter, Cameron knows intuitively how a bike should feel.

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