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Rakshasa Customs X Alice White Art 26DJFR

Rakshasa Customs take on the 26" Dirt Jumper. Designed for a 1X drivetrain, clarance for a 2.4" tyre and featuring short 410mm stays 

Effective Top tube length 54cm. ST length 38cm. 72 degree seat tube angle. 68 degree head angle. This frame is available to custom order, just drop us a line! (Full build pics to come soon!)


A 650b+ frame with a freestyle geometry and fork. Running Tange IRD replacable sliders means the bike can be flipped between 1X11 and Single-speed. The chainstay has been recessed to allow a huge tyre clearance on a 68mm Bottom Bracket shell whilst still being able to run a 32t chainring. A mix of Chromoly, Columbus Cro-Mor and Deddacia tubing means the bike capable of taking some abuse whist still being compliant where it needs to be.

Project Grasshopper

This is Rakshasa Customs first experimental design for an All road Adventure Cycle.

Inspired by the feel of some Cyclocross bike I had ridden in the past, I wanted to create a ride that was as at home on the road or weaving down the leafy (and sometimes boggy) trails of Epping Forest.

Mixing elements from MTB and Cyclocross with a dash of Romance, we have ended up with a very capable bike that can handle lots of different terrain quite happily. The experimental rear triangle, constructed without stay bridges, gives the bike a 'soft-tail' feeling making a marked reduction to sharp shocks fed back to the rider through the frame.

Track / Single speed Commuter (TSC1)

A full Columbus Cro-Mor build with Breezer style track ends. Built strong but with a little give to ease the pain of commuting on London roads. Also if you wanted to throw some 28C tyres on for a bit of Fixed Cyclocross action the frame wouldn't bat an eyelid. One set of bottle bosses because hydration is important. Bosses for a rear caliper brake are included for aided braking performance.


We proudly present Rakshasa Customs #1 the first handmade steel bicycle produced in our London  workshop. This bike has been designed by Cameron for personal everyday use and is a comfortable, low-maintenance bike that is equally happy on or off road. The powder-coated paintwork was done at Armourtex Cycles in Hackney.

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